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“Relationships are not easy and it takes work” Sharon Mundia’s husband dedicates beautiful message to his heavily-pregnant wife

May 03, 2017 at 09:54
"Relationships are not easy and it takes work" Sharon Mundia's husband dedicates beautiful message to his heavily-pregnant wife

The beauty of life is finding the right person to settle down with and seems that Sharon Mundia aka This is ess found this when she met Lonina Leteipan. The couple got engaged back in 2015 leaving team mafisi heartbroken as this is ess was officially off the market.

Late 2016 they walked down the aisle making their union official in a private ceremony that saw only friends and family attend. They went on to surprise us when this is ess revealed that she was expecting her first child on 25 December 2016 and since then we have all been watching to see what they reveal next.

Lonina and his wife, Sharon Mundia

Lonina and his wife, Sharon Mundia

Anyway, Lonina Leteipan is the only one who seems very active on his social media pages unlike his wife. Just recently he dedicated a beautiful message to his wife thanking her for completing his life and making him the happiest man in the world.

Though he mentions that relationships are not as easy as many think we beleiev that that the two have had their ups and downs like most couples however love helps them pull through at the end of the day. Lonina also revealed how excited he was now that he will soon be a father as this is ess is expected to deliever anytime soon.

Through his social media pages he wrote;

“Two years ago today you gave me the greatest honor and accepted to be my wife. And I’m ever grateful. We know that relationships are not easy and it takes work. But from the mountain top to the sea shore you continue to bless my life with your love. I treasure our continuous journey as we welcome our progeny I believe more than ever that God is in control. I love you always Sharon Leteipan.

He went on to add…

“As the journey to fatherhood continues it is amazing to see the miracle of life coming to be. I have found a new respect for my wife. I feel like the Ess needs to stand for Superwoman. Her smile means everything.”


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