Renowned Kenyan media personality who battled ovarian endometriosis behind the cameras for more than a decade now

Former Citizen TV journalist, Janet Mbugua is known for her inspirational Instagram posts which seek to encourage someone out there.

She rarely gives us insight into her private life but she recently opened up about her battle with, endometriosis.

The feedback

Her post seemed to have touched the hearts of many, whom also opened up about a similar situation a loved one underwent.

Gents and ladies both flocked her Instagram page, sharing own traumatizing experiences and that of their loved ones during periods.

I had those painful periods when I was in high school and my mum was really concerned, we tried so many supplements bt nothing, I dreaded those days I was on my periods coz the first 2-3 days were th worst I couldn’t get out of bed…

Could even crawl like a baby to th toilet…

I was always on painkillers during my cycle…but am glad after I gave birth my periods are now mild and manageable..

Now can even continue with daily chores with ease, jus a mild pain on th first 2days….

@jahmbykoikai @officialjanetmbugua u inspire me,now I understand more what my problem was bt I wasn’t aware..


My sister goes through this every month and I cannot stand her pain. I literally almost always cry with her during these days. She can barely do anything during these days and it is the hardest thing a big brother goes through to see her sister helpless. I always talk about her condition and I am praying she gets help. She lost her self esteem and the bubbly little girl I raised is lost in this painful experience


@eddah_bange I totally relate!!


Am reading this from my toilet sit due to cramps,? I find comfort here.I use painkillers but sometimes they don’t help!

I pray, pray for the end of this pain!

Resonating with you!I get super lazy!


Oooh” laparoscopy ” avery painful process,i went throu the same case but i thank God that now i am amother of boys …dr Anisa bhagazal took me throu this for 3yrs ….there is hope for your endo sisters #letsfindendometriosisfcure #endoawarenessmonth


Period pains are among the worst thing that we women my case i experience pain that paralysis me..that means i cannot get out of bed, i vomit, i diarrhoea and at times i run out of breath and faint..painkillers are no longer a solution for me because they do not work and also i might vomit them..when i go to the hospial, they give me an injection which stops the pain..However, i am afraid because immediately i get the injection, my blood stops flowing..this thng is scaring me to hell and i do not a good gynaecologist to see..please someone help


Feel appreciated

God bless you @officialjanetmbugua for sharing ur story and motivating women out there..I hope you overcome it completely together with others like @jahmbykoikai my prayers are with you


Thanks for opening up this means alot go some of us…its an encouragement


It is amazing how supportive and relating one´s experience can be to many.

She is a warrior!

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