Revealed! Date Jalang’o will host first show at Kiss FM

Radio personality Jalang’o, born Felix Odiwuor is busy buying time before his official introduction into Radio Africa’s Kiss FM family.

The comedian has recently been quoted saying that Monday, July 6, was the big day he was going to join Kamene Goro on their Morning Kiss show.

Unfortunately, that never came to pass and majority of Kenyans have held him accountable for failing to faithfully deliver on his promises. Only for it to later emerge that Jalas has been awaiting a grand welcome as Kamene’s co-host.

Kamene Goro and Jalang’o

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The reveal

However, a privy source speaking exclusively to Ghafla, has divulged that the comedy kid will be making an official landing on Monday, July 13, unlike previous reports.

Comedian Jalang’o

Kamene will therefore have to do it solo for the next couple of days, which then translates into roughly 2 weeks of her solo shows since her counterpart, Kibe hang his mic.

It has however been confirmed that Jalang’o signed his new contract at Kiss FM on Monday, July 6, as he bids his time for a grand entry.

Radio personality, Jalang’o

Even though utterly disappointed by Kibe for his actions and keeping his resignation away from her for a solid 3 months, Kamene seems to be getting over it while warmly ushering Jalang’o to take the place of Kibe.

Meanwhile, Kenyans have expressed mixed reactions to a Kamene-Jalang’o merger on Kiss FM. Some holding to the belief that it could never get better, others of the opinion that Jalang’o was not crafted for Kiss since day one.

We can only wait and see how it unfolds.

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