Reverend Lucy Natasha blasted on social media after sharing words of encouragement, man tells her “peleka ujinga huko”

Kenyans are tired and fed up with positive messages from their preachers always telling them to stay strong and keep pushing; yet – the economy is not only efing them over but there are no jobs, bei ya unga iko juu scratch that….there’s shortage of flour, debts among other things.

Reverend Lucy Natasha

So yea…words no longer apply to Kenyans especially those on social media something that Reverend Lucy Natasha had to learn the hard way. Okay…you see – this past weekend the woman of God shared a post telling her followers that they were about to receive some Good news on their phones. She wrote;

Your phone is about to ring with GOOD NEWS! The delay is over!

Mmmh a sweet message that would definitely sound like music to the ears, but no…wakenya hapan tambua. Responding to the message, one fan left the rest of the netizens in the comment section after responding;

Hii ujinga peleka huko Facebook ndio watu wengi hawana akili huwa.

Kenyan ministry

Well having seen how Kenyan pastors use their ministries to enrich themselves….I’m sorry to say but looks like Kenyans are now aware that most ministries are just money making businesses.

For a minute – these preachers were able to convince our parents and those that came before them; but with this new generation- people are finding God their own way.

Well…incase these same preachers feel that this generation is ignorant…I wonder what they will say about gen Z who care less about religion.


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