Riggy G’s Wife Supporting Ban On LGBTQ Is Absurd

The conversation on whether LGBTQ community should be legalized has been on hold for a while now. Even though more & more people are coming out as its members, so many others are scared to divulge their sexual orientation due to stigmatization.

LGBTQ Community Woes

Recently, Edwin Chiloba’s death further fueled the conversation as most claimed the fella turned out to be gay & that’s why he was being rejected by his family.

Speaking at a Teachers Conference in Chania Girls High School in Thika,second lady pastor Dorcas Rigathi urged teachers not be silent on same sex relationships in school.

We’re having our children involved in lesbianism and homosexuality. And this is something that we do not want to speak because we want to look good. You look good and let your children go to hell. This is something we must change as teachers.

Rigathi’s wife should have opted to eschew giving an opinion on the same since she’s among the numerous leaders who are leading the country. Her influence means that more & more people will definitely refute to support the LGBTQ & begin a rivalry among them; which shouldn’t be the case.

The interesting fact is that even though most African countries don’t root for gayism, their leaders would rather keep their sentiments to themselves.

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