Rihanna: I’m sorry about how exposed my body was.

Rihanna, the Barbadian sensation and entrepreneur, made a stunning confession in a candid interview with VOGUE that has left fans buzzing.

The singer, known for her fearless fashion choices and boundary-pushing style, revealed, “I regret exposing my body the way I did.” Reflecting on her past, Rihanna expressed moments of disbelief at her previous choices.

“It might sound hypocritical, but looking back, I realize I did a lot in my life. I bared it all, I flaunted my figure, but now, as a mother and a more mature woman, those are things I would never do,” she shared, hinting at a shift in perspective since becoming a parent.

As a mother of two, Rihanna, who once captivated the music world with her bold and often provocative looks, now views her past with a mix of nostalgia and incredulity. “There are times when I look back and think, ‘Oh my God, did I really wear that?! Nips out?’… I wouldn’t make those choices now,” Rihanna confessed.

The singer also discussed her fashion struggle post-childbirth, admitting that she found herself too comfortable wearing pajamas and sweatpants after welcoming her second son last year.

“After having children, fashion takes a back seat,” she said.

However, speaking at the launch party of her latest collaboration with Puma in London, she emphasized the transformative power of dressing up for women.

The multi-Grammy Award winner shares two sons with rapper A$AP Rocky – RZA Athelaston Mayers, born in 2022, and Riot Rose Mayers, born in 2023.

“During my first pregnancy, I could still rock heels,” she recalled.

“But with the second pregnancy, you have a toddler, a growing belly, it’s winter, you’ve got a coat, a diaper bag. Heels? Not so much. That’s when I got more creative with my comfy style.

“After my second kid, I got too comfortable and lived in robes, PJs, sweats.

“But now, I’m rediscovering the joy of playing with fashion. Now, I’m having fun with my wardrobe again.”

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