Ringtone and Robert Alai Using Courts to Chase Clout is Making a Mockery of Our Judicial System

Robert Alai and Ringtone got into a small fender bender over one year ago. This is from even before Robert got elected as an MCA of Kileleshwa. Robert Alai came out of his car very dramatically with a rungu and the whole incident was conveniently recorded by someone nearby. Do you smell clout here? I definitely do…


Even more coincidentally, Ringtone released the music video for his song “Fagia” shortly after:



And now today, they’re STILL chasing clout with this long drawn-out beef. Look at how Ringtone today dramatically showed up to court with bandages for an accident that happened over one year ago:



These two nincompoops are making a complete mockery of our Kenyan court system. Cracking jokes outside the court and even during the case. If the Kenyan judges have any intention of preserving the integrity of our courts, they should throw this case out as soon as possible! The judiciary should use this as a learning experience to reflect on the many ways people can abuse the unecessary delays in our courts. Reforming the speed of judgements should be a top priority for the Ruto government and any other government that comes after it

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