Ringtone continues to showcase his marketing genius

Ringtone is the type of man, sorry, gospel singer, whom Kenyans would like to think about as dumb. To be fair, he does market himself as being dumb and this allows him to win in low-key ways that his haters are none-the-wiser about.

Ringtone accuses Bahati and Masterpiece of secretly dating fellow men! (Photo)

You see, Ringtone has mastered the art of trolling and he has been using it to market his projects. The most recent being a song called Zoea Mawe which featured a cameo from Azziad, the newly minted Kenyan internet sensation. The song has garnered one point two million views in a month of being active.

Ringtone Apoko is the type of man who has determined that he will remain relevant, whether as a provocateur or as a gospel artist, as a politician or by simply employing satire.
He will make some seemingly off the cuff statement about other gospel artists (former or current) and then that will get under their skin and he will literally take the piss at them as they become apoplectic, defending themselves against his allegations. We have seen him employ this tactic against Willy Paul and Bahati.


On other occasions, he will carry around a placard begging for a wife. And we will watch him with bemusement. Then we will mock him for his inability to find a woman to settle down with.

Kwani zinakanyaga umaskini? Fans mock Ringtone after parading shoes worth Ksh 56,000

As a result of Kenyans underestimating him, Ringtone has managed to make yet another song fly high. The song Zoea Mawe was mocked and lampooned online and yet it currently sits pretty atop the list of popular Kenyan songs. In the meantime, his contemporaries are busy huffing and puffing till they get blue in the face and they can only count themselves lucky when their songs get to over one hundred thousand views on YouTube.


How about that for a marketing genius?


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