Ringtone is a trolling genius: Smarter than you would like to admit

Ringtone is not the hero we want but he is the hero we deserve. The gospel singer has an ain’t understand of the Kenyan condition and he knows how to hack it not only to keep himself relevant but to also earn money from Kenyans even as they continue to pile on their hate on him.

Ringtone offers Willy Paul half a million days after their online beef!

What is even more incredible is that a man who has made a career of exploiting the darkest collective Kenyan emotion doesn’t seem to bear any scars from staring at the abyss for such a long time. Aye, if anything, he seems to thrive from inundating himself in such negativity, simply going from strength to strength or at the very least, remaining relevant.

Alex Apoko alias Ringtone

Ringtone Apoko is the type of man who has determined that he will remain relevant, whether as a provocateur or as a gospel artist, as a politician or by simply employing satire.
He will make some seemingly off the cuff statement about other gospel artists (former or current) and then that will get under their skin and he will literally take the piss at them as they become apoplectic, defending themselves against his allegations.

Ringtone and Bahati
We disown you as the gospel ministry in Kenya – Ringtone to Bahati

On other occasions, he will carry around a placard begging for a wife. And we will watch him with bemusement. Then we will mock him for his inability to find a woman to settle down with.

Ringtone with Azziad
Azziad with Ringtone

The next time he pops up on our radar, it will be because he has released a song that he is promoting on social media in broken English so bad, the queen would have come to Kenya to put it down had it not been for Covid19.
But who has the last laugh? Because you see, Ringtone’s shenanigans are well thought out and he marshalls our emotions to preserve his spotlight.

“Kizungu yako inahitaji quarantine!” Fans troll Ringtone after butchering the Queen’s language

When we take sides whenever he pokes fun at gospel artists, his name is in the conversation and he trends. At the end of the day, all publicity is good publicity. He has used your anger for his own cause
When Ringtone is mocked for his inability to keep a woman, we scorn him. What a failure of a man. And women flock his social media, sending him private messages requesting to date him. He instantly becomes a heartthrob for some while his scorn keeps him in the collective conversation.
When we mock Ringtone’s broken English, it is because of our own insecurities. And those same insecurities keep him relevant.

So I ask again who has won this entanglement? Because anyone who knows the man will tell you that he is a very shrewd businessman who has an above-average acumen with greater ambitions than just being your local, cornerstone gospel artist, with many believing he will still take yet another stab at politics. So repeat after me, who’s fooling who?

For now, enjoy his latest musical release,

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