Ringtone Promises To Quit Gospel Music If God Doesn’t Answer His Prayers In 40 Days

Popular gospel singer Alex Apoko, aka Ringtone, promised to quit gospel music if God does not give him a BMW i8 in 40 days. The singer is known to be among the wealthiest artists in the country, driving big cars and living in the most affluent neighborhoods.

In an Instagram post, the gospel singer said that he’s going into prayer and fasting for 40 days and he’s expecting to own the car afterwards.

” A now go into prayer and fast at 40 days. Am pray for God to give me this BMW i8. People are despice gospel singers that they can’t drive good cars. My fans please no breakfast and lunch up to 40 days.”

As a kid, Ringtone was a street boy and refused to live with his relatives, who he said mistreated him.

However, after all the hardships, he declared himself the richest musician in Kenya. He took to social media and crowned himself as Kenya’s richest musician by giving photographic evidence to prove his status. He has an estimated networth of Ksh 800 million and this BMW i8 doesn’t seem to be the last car that he will own.

Ringtone Apoko- Photo Credits- Google

On the same Instagram post, one of his fans told him,

‘Si ungelete bibi kwanza mtumishi’

But Ringtone said that after getting the car, the wife will come.

”Nikipata gari italeta bibi”

Ringtone seems optimistic about owning both the BMW and getting a wife afterwards. Will God be faithful to him this time?

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