Ringtone Scolds Andrew Kibe For Criticizing Guardian Angel’s Marriage To Esther Musila-‘Shida Yako Iko Wapi?’

The marriage between 52 year old Esther Musila and gospel artist Guardian Angel (Peter Omwaka) that happened last week; roped in several reactions from netizens & celebrities. While most celebrities spewed congratulatory  messages to the newly wedded couple, Andrew Kibe thought otherwise.

According to the rogue radio owner, Guardian Angel made a huge mistake to engage himself in a relationship with Musila. Kibe reacted with negative comments after their wedding, saying that she’s way older than Guardian and termed the marriage as obnoxious.

Either way, Guardian Angel, who was swept of his feet by the mother of three was seen in tears of joy as his bride walked down the isle.

Guardian Angel weds Esther Musila-Google

Love Knows No Boundaries

They have thrived through their relationship for over 2 years despite all the criticism. In defense of their relationship, Ringtone has reprimanded Andrew Kibe for his statement. He shared a video on his Instagram to express his rage as he stated;

”Andrew Kibe nataka nikuambie kwamba Guardian Angel ameoa Esther Musila na wanapendana. Wakenya hawana haja ya relationship yao. Kwa sababu ni watu wawili, wamepita miaka kumi na minane, wako na vitambulisho, wako na ruhusa ya kufanya vyovyote…

Ata mimi by the way, ukweli Esther Musila ningempata na aniambie ananipenda ningemuoa. Lakini congratulations Guardian Angel. Wewe Kibe, tafadhali jua ivi, Guardian Angel sio relative wako… Shida yako iko wapi?”

Ringtone is yet to bag himself a wife, but his words regarding Musila-Guardian relationship will definitely suffice.

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