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Ringtone should not shade Justina Syokau for clout chasing – they are one and the same

January 11, 2023 at 16:47
Ringtone should not shade Justina Syokau for clout chasing - they are one and the same

Justina Syokau has been trying to remain relevant by clout chasing using her music, fake butt surgery and lastly – her undying love for Ringtone.

Yea….incase you missed it, Justina Syokau had earlier revealed she was interested in Ringtone before making a u turn – where she explained herself saying;

Mwenyekiti wa Gospel alisema ako upweke Runda, mimi nikasema sijafika Runda, mimi kusema kuwa nilikuwa namtamani kimapenzi Ringtone haikuwa na maana kuwa ni yeye, nilikuwa natamani Runda, na pesa. Si Ringtone kwa sababu mimi sina haja na yeye bali nilikuwa na haja na maisha ya Runda na pesa. Simhitaji Ringtone, sema tu

However Ringtone amekataa hiyo maneno and now wants the fellow gospel artist to keep his name off her lips simply because she is not christian enough for her. Speakimg during during recent interview the almost forgetten singer threw shade at Ms Syokau for her ungodly stunts saying;

Controversial gospel singer, Ringtone Apoko

Mimi sijasema nimependa tabia zake, kwa sababu siezi tarajia mkristo achukue mattress aeke huku nyuma na aanze kutuambia amespend sijui millioni ngapi kuzieka.

Seeing the speck in your sister’s eye

Okay okay….this is basically the kettle calling pot black because we have lost count on the number of times Ringtone has clout chased using his cars, shoes and houses, right?

And now that he has someone who is not his type…like he said;

Kuna level za life, anachezea level za Gor Mahia na mimi nachezea manchester United, lakini amejaribu sana kuuza ujinga wake

A statement that has fully convinced me  Ringtone must be delusional if he thinks he is better than Ms Syokau….because judging from the actions – its like looking at a mirror – same same.


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