Risper Faith flaunts her multimillion shilling bedroom

Image: Risper Faith

Risper Faith has decided to show off her master bedroom and I have to admit that it is exquisite! The room is so well done that you can’t help and understand why she was recently flossing about her life plan panning out.

The former socialite had last week spoken about how much better she’s doing than most of her more intelligent contemporaries in a live Q&A session on her Instagram account.

She claimed this was due to her marriage to a wealthy man and trust that the statement by Risper Faith rubbed people the wrong way with many of her fans coughing up a lung in a fit of rage!

Risper Faith showed off the house her husband Brian had built thanks to his family wealth (his family is based in America) and ever since the two got married, she’s been living the type of life very few Kenyans can even aspire to.

It is clear that she is the ultimate boss one would have to deal with when it comes to Kenyan bimbos as she’s proud that it was her bopdy that got her the access to this lifestyle rather than her brains.

To be fair though, she is one of the few socialites from her era who made it out relatively unscathed. Most of her contemporaries have either seen their fortunes dwindle once they were at “the wall” or after their fame was up.

Risper Faith even saw one of her class, a socialite by thename of Pesh get imprisoned for drug smuggling, Pendo is still hustling and many more are still forgotten.

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