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Risper Faith had a raw meltdown every woman will have to face

November 03, 2020 at 13:16
Risper Faith had a raw meltdown every woman will have to face

Risper Faith is a former socialite who was known for her derriere more than anything else. And she used that same derriere to create a brand for herself as a video vixen, a socialite and then thereafter, a reality TV star.

Risper Faith flaunts hourglass figure days after undergoing plastic surgery (Photo)

Her beauty (for those of you who found it so), was what made her money. She is one of the few socialites who actually made it out of the game and if you understand the lifestyle of Kenya’s so-called “socialites” then you know what Risper Faith managed to do is worthy of note. We have all seen some of the nonsense these socialites have to endure in the name of chasing the bag from their Johns but we are not going to dwell on it.

Risper Faith with her fiance

Risper Faith with her husband Brian

Risper Faith managed to land a high networth individual in the form of Brian and the two walked down the aisle and soo enough, their family had been abundantly blessed with two sons joining the young couple’s happy home. From there, the two have been laying low, opting to exit the cast and crew of Nairobi Diaries but they do have a YouTube channel that they post content on. And it was through this account that we found out about an issue she has that many Kenyan women have but never talk about honestly.

Stay contented! Unfiltered raw photos of Risper Faith before getting the liposuction 

And that is the fact that they quickly realize that due to their childbearing or their “marriage weight”, they quickly become undesirable to their husbands. I would wager that Risper Faith isn’t the only one to have had to deal with this nonsense. Size 8 is an example of another woman though I am not sure she is aware that this is one of her biggest issues with DJ Mo cheating but at least one other celeb has been honest about it.

Risper Faith

Risper Faith working out

And the biggest conundrum most married women (celebrities included) usually have is whether to put in the hard work in the gym and actually sweat out all that weight or whether to go under the knife like Risper faith committed to doing. You see, when money is available, going under the knife seems like a quick fix but it doesn’t address the major issue that is lifestyle so soon enough, like a certain celebrity who celebrated her 40th birthday by buying a new body and claiming she did the hard work, the weight soon piles back on.

“Nakaa tu kama mtungi ya keg,” a stressed Risper Faith weighing 116 Kgs undergoes liposuction 2 years after giving birth (Photo)

And Risper Faith is right, you lose all your confidence because you’re aware that there are other hotter women out there who could potentially catch your meal ticket’s eyes. And that could actually be the trump card a lot of Kenyan couples settle for. They acquiesce to allowing their “better half” to go out and sow his wild oats just along as he keeps his indiscretions discrete. And though this is not a solution Risper Faith was willing to investigate, a lot of Kenyan women settle themselves to this reality and things often are not usually cut and dry in real life so for a lot of couples, this has worked.

Risper Faith

Risper Faith looking fat and frumpy

I will sneak in some advice and say that the man as the leader of his family, his home, will set the stage. if he lets himself go, so will his wife. It is a two-way street. When a man actually takes care of his body, his partner is convinced to do the same out of competition dread. Just look at when Maureen Waititu was with Frankie Just Gym It. Now give her to the end of next year for the rest of you plebs to see what I am talking about.

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