Roaming Chef Explains Why He Declines Massive Cooking Initiatives

Kenyan celebrity chef Dennis Ombachi, known as the “Roaming Chef,” has addressed fans eager to support his popular meal giveaways. While currently declining sponsored mass cooking initiatives, he hinted at possible future collaborations with a structured system in place.

Ombachi receives frequent offers, particularly from international fans, but emphasizes his preference for personal funding at this stage. He values accountability and the freedom to cook in his own style, reminiscent of his catering days where he fed large groups.

“Cooking for people gives me immense joy,” Ombachi explains. “It sparks my childhood passion and brings smiles, which is all I need.” He shares fond memories of catering events and the satisfaction of serving large crowds.

Despite his current preference, Ombachi acknowledges the potential for future collaborations. “If things change, there will need to be a transparent system to manage contributions responsibly,” he assures.

Overall, Ombachi expresses gratitude for his supporters’ enthusiasm and hints at an evolving approach as his initiative grows. This openness leaves room for future partnerships while respecting his current values and priorities.

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