Robert Burale tearfully narrates harsh treatment in isolation after testing positive for Coronavirus

Flashy city pastor, Robert Burale developed breathing problems last week that saw him get rushed to hospital only to test positive for the deadly Coronavirus.

Wednesday, July 1, Pastor Burale got admitted at Nairobi Hospital, 24 hours after his test results for Covid-19 came back positive. Something that left him “scared, angry and devastated”.

Still perturbed by the news, the father of one was taken into a treated lift by himself, later getting received by a gent fully donning the PPE, who immediately calmed him down and walked him to his bed.

Pastor Robert Burale

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The experience

That was not even the gist of the matter, the controversial pastor grew cold feet after walking past grown men fighting for their lives, all in the name of ‘Covid-19’.

I was scared…VERY SCARED.

He went ahead to narrate his kind of experience in the isolation wards, that feels like ‘prison’.

The food is served wrapped securely. Opening your food to eat is like opening a bank vault and for a luhyia like me, Time is of the essence. Visitors strictly not allowed. This is my first taste of power…Security is as tight as that of the president. Please be careful…

Robert Burale

Fortunately, two days into admission, he was already responding well to treatment.

For two days I fought for my life under the great care of the Doctors and Nurses at Nairobi Hospital. I saw the Hand of God. My progress is good.. My vitals are responding well…

He was however quick to caution Kenyans to stop taking this disease with a pinch of salt especially now that the President yesterday lifted the cessation order in affected counties.

FOR anyone who thinks this thing is a joke.. May the Lord have mercy on you…

Father of one, Robert Burale

How Burale contracted the disease, remains a mystery to him.

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