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Robert Burale’s situation shows how little Kenyans trust the government

July 10, 2020 at 15:17
Robert Burale's situation shows how little Kenyans trust the government

Robert Burale was trending a couple of days ago on Twitter with Kenyan dragging and savaging the pastor. Why? I am surprised you even have to ask.

CS Mutahi Kagwe comes clean about Robert Burale´s Covid-19 status, leaves Kenyans in shock (Video)

But assuming you have just emerged from a cave in Mandera, then allow me to bring you upon to speed quickly. Robert Burale took himself to a hospital and said he was experiencing problems breathing.

robert burale

Pastor Robert Burale

As you can imagine, given the fact that we and the rest of the world are grappling with Covid-19 which is a respiratory bug that has swept the world over and claimed man a life.

Robert Burale finally responds to false Covid-19 allegations leveled against him

So when Robert Burale took himself to hospital claiming he was having trouble breathing, everyone paid attention. He was put on oxygen then the story unravelled like a cheap sweater.

robert burale

Robert Burale

It was alleged that Robert Burale was faking his symptoms and Kenyans began to attack him and it was a savage scene indeed. Infact, things got to the point that his past was dredged up with women coming forth to give different accounts of how they were conned by him because let’s face it, Burale is the veritable Wafula Thundercock.

Savage! Kenyans brutally unearth Robert Burale’s shady past over false Covid-19 claims

But that is not what I took notice of. Not for today’s sake anyway. The fact that Kenyans quickly accused Butrale of being a government agent attempting to stage a false flag event is what caught my attention.

robert burale

Robert Burale battling Coronavirus

If you have been using the internet for more than five minutes and you have an IQ greater in numerical value than your shoe size, you will have interacted with conspiracy theories and have come into contact with the term “false flag event”. But just incase you haven’t, it simply is defined as:

Robert Burale tearfully narrates harsh treatment in isolation after testing positive for Coronavirus

A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on a second party.

robert burale

So when Kenyans looked at Robert Butrale, they assumed that the GoK was staging a false flag event to ramp up fear of the disease that is Covid-19. And that is very telling.

Cute video of Robert Burale and daughter dancing to CS Kagwe´s ´gerrit´ rendition impresses Kenyans

Not only are Kenyans not trusting of their national government, they even project lies and distrust to simple events. And it was something noteworthy to the point Health CS Mutahi Kagwe had to discredit the rumour that Burale is a government agent.

This is troubling when you take into account the fact that the GoK will have to take charge and sometimes put into effect measures that will only work if Kenyans trust that their best interested are being defended by their government.

Let that sink in.


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