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Ronoh is going about things the wrong way

March 06, 2023 at 16:13
Chebet Ronoh

Chebet Ronoh has decided to expose the people whom she feels have been plaigarizing her content and biting her work. The only problem with her doing so is how she has gone about it. You see, she can say anything and do anything, however, she must never be seen to be bitter.

The only way for her to successfully call out anyone is for her to either be on par with them or even bigger. Short of that she comes off as a hater. And indeed she seems to be taking swings at other content creators out of envy.

Lose Weight, Find Love: Ronoh’s Secret To Happiness

When she first burst onto the scenes, she was busy making waves and was the only one who was truly maki8ng content that Kenyans could relate to. Sadly, she suffered a mental break and when that happened, her output completely slowed down and ground to a halt. Things just didn’t seem to be going her way and her audience quickly went for other content creators such as Elsa Majimbo.

Elsa Majimbo

At the time her more staunch followers also called out Elsa of biting her work. Ronoh isn’t even the only one to make that allegation but now that she is trying to make a comeback, doing so verbally is a sign of envy and weakness.

Chebet Ronoh is in the gym and her life has changed!

She should havce waited to get to the top and make things move. She should have waited until Ronoh was every Kenyans’ favourite content creator to call out her bitter rival anmd things would have gone alot smoother. Why you ask? Because she would have stepped into a void that Elsa has refused to fill. Hell, Elsa has called out Kenyans and said she isn’t proud to be Kenyan.

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