Rose Muhando responds to allegations she conned Kenyans

Image: Rose Muhando opens up about 2010 experience that ruined music career

Tanzanian gospel star Rose Muhando has spoken out against rumors that she failed to fulfill a concert engagement and pocketed a Sh200,000 payment for the canceled performance.

Taking to her Instagram account, the “Nibebe” hitmaker addressed the allegations, urging those with concerns to seek recourse through legal channels rather than resorting to social media accusations.

Muhando acknowledged the challenges faced by public figures and cautioned against readily believing everything one hears about someone. She emphasized her ongoing commitments in Nairobi and suggested that any grievances be addressed through proper legal channels.

The singer also shed light on the often-undiscussed challenges musicians face in their line of work, noting that they, too, experience persecution.

“When you are a public figure, many things will come your way, and you will be accused of many things. Do not easily believe everything you hear about someone,” she stated.

Muhando continued, “In short, I am here in Nairobi, continuing with my meetings. If you have any claims, there are legal channels. We, as musicians, have never come out publicly to speak about the challenges we face in our services.”

She highlighted that musicians often face persecution and work closely with religious leaders, implying that such persecution can originate from within the religious community.

“We, too, face persecution, and a significant percentage of us work closely with religious leaders. Therefore, if we are persecuted, it means we are persecuted by these religious leaders, but we do not complain. Now, I would like to stop here for what is ongoing,” she concluded.

The controversy arose on December 4 when gospel singer Ali Mukhwana accused Muhando of defrauding him of Sh200,000 after agreeing to perform at a crusade.

Mukhwana alleged that Muhando accepted the payment but failed to show up for the event, citing illness as an excuse. He further claimed that Muhando had committed to attending five other crusades on the same date, indicating a pattern of deceptive behavior.

Disappointed by Muhando’s actions, Mukhwana warned others against engaging her for their events, labeling her as dishonest.

Muhando’s response to the allegations underscores the importance of due diligence and the need to address grievances through appropriate channels. While social media can serve as a platform for voicing concerns, it should not replace the pursuit of legal recourse when warranted.

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