Rue Baby defends her mother Akothee who revealed she’s single again

The daughter of Kenyan artist Akothee, Rue Baby, is well known for defending her mother whenever vile followers attack her cruelly online.

One admirer voiced his concerns about the singer’s “inability” to settle down in the comments section of a recent post by Akothee, where she spurred talk that she would return to the streets just months after she wed. He also commented on her age.

The Akothee post explicitly states “Niko Single Tena,” which not only drew a barrage of comments from worried fans but also drew criticism in the same vein.

However, Rue Baby joined the comments discussion after noticing a particular post that unfairly attacked her mother and overruled the supporter’s criticism.

“Tulia mama ushakuwa shosho,” the fan wrote. I’m attempting to picture how you might appear without makeup.

“No you’re not her fan,” Rue Baby quickly shot back, “you’re a jealous, bitter, hater.”

On the other hand, Akothee hasn’t commented on the post, which some of her admirers also think might be a song she’s about to release, and instead considered raising interest in its release.

It is obvious that the rumors spreading in the comment area are unnerving as her supporters eagerly await word from madam boss.

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