Ruto Defends Proposed Housing Levy

President William Ruto on Sunday defended the proposed housing levy that will see formally employed Kenyans contribute 3% of their salaries to the National Housing Fund.

Speaking during a Sunday service at Isiolo Boys High School, Ruto said that the levy will be mandatory even for Kenyans who are not interested in owning homes through the affordable housing program.

“The programme will result in the creation of 1 million jobs a year in the construction industry, and it is a collective duty for all Kenyans to help reduce the high rate of unemployment,” Ruto said.

“You don’t think it is your business to contribute to the employment of unemployed Kenyans?” Ruto questioned the journalist. “That is why the constitution gives me the power to tax,” the president added.

The proposed housing levy has been met with mixed reactions from Kenyans. Some people support the levy, saying that it is a necessary step to address the country’s housing deficit. Others oppose the levy, saying that it is unfair to force people to contribute to a fund that they may never use.

Ruto said that the government is still working on the details of the housing levy, and that it will be open to public feedback. He said that the government is committed to providing affordable housing for all Kenyans.

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