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Sailors Gang Member Discloses Mwalimu Rachel Stole Ksh 15 Million From Them Monthly (Video)

May 18, 2022 at 13:08
Sailors Gang Member Discloses Mwalimu Rachel Stole Ksh 15 Million From Them Monthly (Video)

New information on the ugly split of popular boy band Sailors Gang and Mwalimu Rachel has unfolded after one of their members divulged she stole hefty amounts of money from them each month.

Mwalimu Rachel was once their manager, but her fallout with Sailors elicited reactions that she’s the one who killed their careers. The group parted ways with Rachel in 2019 and later accused the media personality of blocking access to their YouTube channel which led to them to parting ways indefinitely.

The boy band later started their own YouTube from scratch, but didn’t flourish anyway. They decided to go solo on their projects. But life hasn’t been the same ever since. Their most popular member, Miracle Baby, opted to go for Mugithi music while others like Qoqosjuma went MIA.

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Mwalimu Rachel breaks down in tears while narrating nasty fall out with  Sailors (Video) - Ghafla! Kenya

Sailors Gang with Mwalimu Rachel-Google

Con Game?

Well, according to Qoqosjuma, Sailors Gang was meant to be pocketing millions during their shining time, but Mwalimu Rachel milked them dry behind their backs. He revealed the heartwrenching detail on Plug TV, where he claimed they had proof that Mwalimu was indeed stealing from them.

”Kama sisi tuliambiwa tunaibiwa 15 million per month. Tuliambiwa ni mwalimu. Tuliambiwa tunaibiwa 15 million streaming zetu… Tulionyeshwa…”

He revealed that they talked the matter out with Mwalimu Rachel and settled it.

Qoqosjuma also divulged that several Kenyan artists are suffering under foreign record labels but are keeping the information surreptitious because of fear. Below is his full video;



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