Sam West is right, moving on too fast after leaving a long-term relationship – is toxic

Image: Celebrity couple, Vivianne and Sam West

It’s official Sam West and singer Vivian are no longer an item after 5 years of dating. Okay…as you can imagine 5 years is a long time of being together meaning one would have expected these two to take time, reflect back and forth on their lives, heal and finally move on right?

Sam West

I mean its the only reasonable move after spending freaking 5 years with someone. However we are all different and move on at our own paces which explains singer Viviane’s new relationship months after her relationship with Sam West.

As youve already heard or read – Viviane has a new man in her life while Sam West on the other hand says he is still taking time to heal before he decides to move on. The renowned motival speaker revealed this on recent interview after learning about his ex, Vivian’s new relationship. Reacting to the news, Sam West said;

I didn’t know, kumbe people have moved on? It’s good she has moved on, It is good when people are happy. The most important thing is joy.

Still healing

When asked how long people should take to move on, the motivational speaker made it known that for him it would take about 2 to 3 years to work on himself before getting involved with another woman.

It depends on the person.The recommended time is 2/3 years for one to heal.

Ex couple, Vivianne and Sam West

According to Sam West – those who rush to date after breakups tend to carry the same mistakes they made from previous relationships to their new ones….hence going in circles.

Otherwise the same mistakes you made in the first relationship will crop up.

Well – honestly i think he has a point and sadly the reality of things is that most people replace old relationships with new ones – yet never work on themselves- hence carry the same negative characteristics that made them single in the first place.


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