Samidoh gives a surprisingly hilarious response to hater

Image: Kikuyu Benga musician Samidoh

A supporter who asserted that Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki, alias Samidoh, was dating nominated senator Karen Nyamu because of her wealth received a response from Samidoh.

The supporter gave the impression that money, not love, was what drove the musician’s connection with Nyamu.

“Samidoh hapendi Nyamu anapenda pesa zake.”

Many fans were left dumbfounded by Samidoh’s one-word reaction, which they interpreted as an attempt to stir up controversy online.


These are some of the expressions that people who are envious of others who are in relationships or who are successful in life use, according to Samidoh.

Given that Samidoh’s first wife is Edday Nderitu, many internet users have been speculating about the relationship between the artist from Nyandarua County and the lawyer Nyamu.

Senator Nyamu stated earlier this month that she hopes her beloved will visit the United States to reconcile with his family and Edday, who has been having fun there.

The attorney said that it is her hope that one day Edday will come home so that they may all be together as a family.

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