Samidoh Says He Prioritizes Fatherhood Amidst Fame’s Challenges

Mugithi singer Samidoh, known by fans as Samuel Muchoki, takes pride in his role as a father of five. In a recent interview, he emphasized his commitment to his children, ensuring they have his love, time, and financial support.

Samidoh, who rose to fame from his police officer days, acknowledges the challenges of celebrity.

“There’s a price to pay,” he said. “When I was nobody tending cattle in Ol Jorook, there was no negativity. Now, with fame comes some negativity, and you have to learn to manage it.”

He expressed frustration with media portrayals, stating,

“Things get blown out of proportion. Statements are misquoted, and stories are sensationalized.”

Despite these challenges, Samidoh remains dedicated to protecting his children. “My job is to sit down with them and explain that life can be complicated. If someone tells you something, verify it yourself before accepting it as truth.”

The interview comes on the heels of comments by nominated senator Karen Nyamu, who has expressed a desire to have more children with Samidoh.

The singer recently declared that he’s looking forward to graduate this year with a Bachelor’s degree in Business & IT. This will be among his numerous wins that he is yet to achieve this year. Currently, his first wife Edday Nderitu is in the United States.

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