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Samidoh Should Stop Compromising His Career For Women

November 23, 2022 at 17:32
Samidoh Should Stop Compromising His Career For Women

Samidoh’s impeccable skills into luring women into loving him; rather sleeping with him can’t go un-noticed. The Mugithi singer has become an epitome of masculinity from the way he hops from one woman to another. And to spice things up, he’s not only sought after, but he’s worth fighting for from the women he has been riding with.

Just like Frankie Just Gym It, he’s a ‘hit & run’ guy. He has had women who are filled with wealth and able to take care of his kids- more like a philanderer.

But we can’t blame the singer for being able to entice such women into his life. Samidoh and Karen Nyamu’s relationship has been on the limelight for several months. And the fella keeps on going.

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Love For Women Vs Career

While Samidoh has been a public figure more after meeting Karen Nyamu, there’s no doubt that the singer is immensely talented. But at what cost? Samidoh is just a womanizer after realizing he’s a hot cake.

The singer has now forgotten his prowess after meeting several women including Nyamu, Jamila, and his wife. and Nyamu has made him even more famous.

It’s high time the singer focuses on his music more than the women.


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