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Samidoh sparks interesting debate about entertainers being maintained by sugar mummies

April 07, 2021 at 10:52
Samidoh sparks interesting debate about entertainers being maintained by sugar mummies

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu’s drama has started up a very interesting conversation on Twitter that I felt I had to weigh in on. It all started when an mmnjug decided to question the fact that it is an unspoken truth that a lot of Kenyan artists are kept men.

And this is a brilliant segue into the conversation. Because as we know, Kenyan artists do not make a lot of money. The average artist would be lucky to be able to pay their rent off of their craft.


Kikuyu Benga musician Samidoh

Perhaps the example of Samidoh is not the best example because in all honesty, benga singers who are colloquially known as River Road stars often make a lot of money from their craft. But this is clearly what most Kenyans are thinking when they look in from the outside at Samidoh and Karen Nyamu’s circumstances.

Why? Because she is seen as the partner who had all the connections. Hell, she even introduced him to William Ruto, the vice president of this disastrous regime. And that is doing the utmost to support your man.

But back to the matter at hand. Let us get back to discussing what we know about sugar mummies and their entertainer boyfriends. More often than not, they usually find a one-hit-wonder or an artist on the come-up.

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They then offer them the celebrity lifestyle. That means they buy for them clothes and finance them enough to get them noticed by blogs. That means partying at all the happening spots or hiring a public relations manager.


Then when the artist starts hitting more and more, we start hearing about how they move in a dodgy manner because every single female they interact with has to be hidden as a coin KRA might go after.

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There have been a lot of artists who, like Samidoh, were linked to sugar mummies and I would argue that is not a problem. It is survival. And this endeavour knows no shame nor guilt.

For years, we have had singers who were kept women. We had singers whose entire career could be summed up into the sugar baby dynamic and no one would butt and eye-lid. Yet when men like Samidoh are linked to sugar mummies, our collective mind is blown. And if indeed that is how he got his start then, by all means, let the man prosper. he did everything he had to inorder to provide for his family.

And even if that might entail some horizontal work, we really have no business catching a feeling about artists finding any means to support their talent and craft. That is what it means to be driven.

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