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Sandra Dacha Heartbroken By Akuku Danger’s Video Dancing With Another ‘Thick’ Woman (Video)

November 15, 2022 at 12:44
Sandra Dacha Heartbroken By Akuku Danger's Video Dancing With Another 'Thick' Woman (Video)

Akuku Danger’s love for thick women is way too conspicuous. And the fact that he claims ‘dawa ya balloon ni sindano’ , it’s no doubt considering that they ironically love him back. His girlfriend Sandra Dacha has been with him for several months; through thick and thin, literally. Sandra was there with him while he was ailing and losing weight after falling ill.

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Done And Dusted

Couple: Sandra Dacha with boyfriend, Akuku Danger

But it seems like all that sacrifice is going unappreciated. Sandra recently took to her Instagram to rant following a viral video of Akuku Danger dancing with an unidentified thick woman. She bashed Akuku Danger for his actions; adding that she had tolerated him for revealing he had a wife & kid whom she had not introduced to her.

”First, it was your wife I understood and even agreed to be your dish and now this!!!😭😭”

Sandra went wild and claimed she’s done and dusted with Akuku Danger;

”Honestly Kuks, hata mimi nimechoka.”
Enough is enough!!
Guys Wanaume hutakanga Nini? Coz this is too much for me.
Whoever sent me this video thank you very much, I now know the kind of man i have been dealing with.”

Akuku Danger and Sandra’s chemistry has for a long time impressed netizens, and the dissolution of their relationship means we’ll no longer be seeing their hilarious skits together.


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