Sandra Dacha not leaving her married boyfriend despite him flaunting wife & son online

Big machine aka Sandra Dacha may be dating a married man, Akuku Danger and incase you thought she’d dump him after he introduced his wife to the world….then you’re wrong because she isn’t going anywhere. Crazy huh.

Akuku Danger with wife and son

Well, if you happen to how bad the ratio of men to women in the world is – you wouldn’t crucify Sandra Dacha for sticking around Akuku Danger. Men are currently scarce and the fact that women have to compete with fellow men for men – makes it even worse.

Anyway thanks to a recent interview on Radio Maisha, the actress got address a post she’d earlier shared asking her man to minimize the rate he was posting his wife on his social media pages. The post read;

I know I am your side chick but Mannerson kindly limit the way you are posting your wife.

And I’m like damnnnn guuuuurl … you knew he is married?

Fun and games

With such a post from the side chic, it’s obvious that Sandra Dacha felt some type of way; but according to her interview – she feels like fans misunderstood her point.

I just said that casually. You know the problem with many Kenyans is that they really love gossip.

Please help us understand Sandra, what did you really mean.

Anyway speaking about her post the lass went on to say;

It was just a caption.


I said, ‘Please I know I am your side chic but please Manason limit the way you post your wife’ Just that. What do you think I told him when I said that? I have not said that I am his mistress.

Mmmh where I come from that’s called plain side chic jealousy. Let me explain why. Imagine you… the other woman telling your shared man to limit how he posts his wife? How? On what grounds? Is he your son? Pet?

Isn’t it obvious that him not leaving her is proof that he still wants her. Maybe not like the first first time – but either way he still and clearly wants her. But judging from Sandra reaction it’s either wasongeane ama mwenye amefinywa ajitoe.

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