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Sandra “Silprosa” Adacha: Finally, we get to see what true body positivity is

November 04, 2020 at 18:41
Sandra "Silprosa" Adacha: Finally, we get to see what true body positivity is

Sandra Adacha who is more commonly known as Silprosa, a character from the sitcom show Aunty Boss, has finally decided to hit the gym and we love to see it. You see, for the longest time, she was a false prophetess at the altar of a false god known as “Body Positivity” which saw her share her flawed doctrine about loving herself as she is.

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Silprosa, as we are going to call her from here on out, was one of the fat acceptance and false body positivity high priestesses, to the point where she would yell from the rooftop about how anyone who reminded them that science and medicine have shown that certain body types aren’t healthy and often certain weight thresholds lead to elevated BMI (body mass index) percentages that directly point to lifestyle diseases and major health issues.


Actress Sandra Adacha aka  Silprosa

And yet, with all that easily available and verifiable research, we have had people like Silprosa push the venom and poison that lies to women that they are perfectly beautiful as they are even though they are pushing dangerously close to diseases related to obesity and anyone who points out the absurdity of that school of thought will get them killed.

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Silprosa conflated something.that was so powerful. Body positivity as my mentored once explained to me was about people who have lost limbs learning to love their new bodies. It is about people with albinism and vitiligo learning to love who they are and the skin they found themselves in. It was about dwarfs learning to love their circumstance in life, not a bunch of fatties crying about a condition they can change with some discipline and hard work.


Obese actress Sandra Adacha aka Silprosa

And to see Silprosa actually hit the gym and try to get her body right was a beautiful thing to see. This is true self-love because people are doing the utmost to protect their health and give themselves a true confidence in their bodies. What is not to love about this? And hopefully, Silprosa can now begin to push the true gospel that to love yourself is to treat yourself with some discipline. People work hard to develop careers they love. People work hard to fix and maintain the relationships they value. Why not put even more effort into taking care of your body?

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Silprosa is now a true body positivity prophetess. She is now someone we can stand and applaud. We pray she sticks to this beautiful regimen of taking care of herself.

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