Sarah Hassan opens up on long traumatic experience breastfeeding her young son

A nursing mother’s greatest fear is if there will be enough for their newborn, whether they will be able to complete the journey successfully without lacking.

First time mothers are probably the most worried, being their first experience, they can only get to hear from older mothers what it was like, the journey and how to overcome any obstacles that come their way.

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Unfortunately, even when there is plenty for your child, the fact that other mothers’ experiences are still ingrained in your mind sparks unnecessary worry that can either see you make or break depending on how you handle the situation.

Kenyan renowned filmmaker, Sarah Hassan welcomed her first child, a son in 2019 with her hubby, Martin Dale.

Thespian Sarah Hassan with hubby Martin Dale

Being her first, breastfeeding was not easy on her.

The long battle

Narrating her story, Ms Hassan admitted breastfeeding was something she longed for, for so long but after several testimonies from fellow mothers, she grew cold feet.

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Scared that her milk supply would either not be sufficient or would run out when her baby needed it most.

Lactating mother, Sarah Hassan

Worry took the better of her, restless about tomorrow’s outcome despite the fact that her milk neither run out nor became insufficient.

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Not just that, the scare of feeding her baby in the public space was an all time hustle for her.

From personal experience, breastfeeding in public can be a task ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ Wueh!!

Actress and young mother, Sarah Hassan

Luckily, it has been an year plus since her journey began and she remains grateful that she was able to exclusively feed her baby boy on breast milk both in public and privately.

I’ve been lucky enough to have exclusively breastfed my little one for over a year now but one thing I was super scared about was not having enough milk or my milk drying out! Even though I had enough supply, I was still paranoid and it never hurts to just be prepared.

Yummy mummy, Sarah Hassan

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