Sarah Hassan Praises Growth Of Kenyan Entertainment Industry

Kenyan multi-award-winning actress, model, and creative Sarah Hassan is praising the growth of the Kenyan entertainment industry.

During the launch of her latest project, a telenovela series called Zari, Hassan said that the industry has grown significantly in recent years, and that this growth has attracted investors.

“We are seeing a lot of investment in the Kenyan content, I’m sure there are a lot of projects coming and it’s great to see the Kenyan film industry growing the way it is growing,” she said.

Hassan also gave advice to creatives on how to succeed in the industry. She said that they should take their roles seriously, fully invest in them, and position themselves in a manner that will make them marketable.

“I would say invest in the characters that you are playing, this is really important. I say hard work goes a long way, I would say respect in general goes a long way (as well), consistency and belief in your craft,” she said.

Hassan’s praise for the Kenyan entertainment industry is a welcome sign. It is clear that the industry is growing and attracting new investment. This is good news for creatives, as it means that there are more opportunities for them to work on interesting projects and make a living from their craft.

Hassan’s advice is also valuable. Creatives who want to succeed in the industry should take their work seriously and invest in their skills. They should also position themselves in a way that makes them attractive to producers and investors.

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