Sarah Michelloti responds to husband, Harmonize’s heartfelt apology

Singer Harmonize has finally done the right thing by apologizing to his Italian wife. The bongo singer is said to have walked out on this woman despite her sticking by him for 4 years; and highly contributing to his lifestyle and music career.

But being the selfish person he is, Harmonize forgot all the generosity Sarah Michelloti had shown him; and just like that – he walked out of his marriage as if it did not matter.

Barely 3 months after leaving, Konde Boy was linked to Kajala; a woman that almost brought down his brand. Talk about confusion.

The couple dated for just a short while; before WCB swooped in and changed the game – leaving Harmonize struggling now that he had no means of clout chasing.

Karma humbles Harmonize

However barely a year after walking out, Harmonize seems to be retracing his steps back to ex wife; that is judging from his latest song where he went on to apologize to Ms Michelloti.

In the new post, Harminize wrote;

SORRY & SORRY & SORRY ???????? I’m sorry is the only Word I can use to the one of Beautiful Woman ???? Alienipatia Miaka (4) Ya maisha Yake Nami Nikampatia (4) Yangu Tulipitia Mengi Ila itoshe Kusema Nilizingua Sanaa ..!!!


Mpaka Mungu Alipoamua Kuniletea Mtoto Wangu wa Kwanza @zuuh_konde Na Ndo Ikawa Mwisho Wa Safari Yetu Ya Pamoja Yeesss KUTELEZA KUNATOKEA Naa Muungwana Huomba Radhi ???? ila Ningeonekana Mjinga Zaidi Ningeendelea Kumficha Mtoto Wangu …..!!! LOVE & RESPECT ???? AND THIS ONE IS FOR YOU

Although his post looks like a one of those he uses to clout chase with; let’s hope the apology to his wife is genuine.

Sarah responds

Having missed her Tanzanian husband, Sarah Michelloti through her Instagram responded to Harmonize’s apology by writing;

Its important to apologize after a big mistake.

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