Saumu Mbuvi has every right to celebrate Anwar Loitiptip’s fall

Image: Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi is over the moon with the news that her former partner and the father of her second daughter, Anwar Loitiptip has been ousted as the Lamu senator. Actually, it was very funny seeing her thinly veiled jab at him as she congratulated his opponent on their victory.

Saumu Mbuvi celebrates new elected Lamu Senator after deadbeat baby daddy loses seat

You see, theirs has been a shared history filled with betrayal and spite. She loved her man but he clearly was only involved with her because of who her father was. As soon as being her man was no longer beneficial for him, he pulled away and ran off with her best friend.

Saumu exposes Senator Anwar

Saumu Mbuvi was crushed. I mean, they did not exactly have a healthy relationship but she was clearly hoping to make it work. However, hell hath no fury… So she revealed to all and sundry that he was an abusive partner.

“I’m done dating” Saumu Mbuvi quits trying to find love

And we all got to see just how toxic the entire relationship was. He was not even ashamed of the fact he was being outed as an abuser. He doubled down and used her mental instability (alleged) to insult her.

Aeedah Bambi
Aeedah Bambi with Anwar Loitiptip

Let that sink in. A man battered Saumu Mbuvi and when he had to defend his actions, he said it was due to her mental illness. Sigh… And his new wife, her former best friend chimed in to insult her.

Saumu Mbuvi and ex husband’s new girlfriend exchange blows at a birthday party (Photo)

So you can imagine how long she has nursed her grudge. She has been waiting to watch him fall for quite some time and it was with glee, yes, glee, that she greeted the news that he was ousted as Lamu’s senator.

Saumu with Senator Loitiptip before breakup

Who can blame her if she threw a party over this very news? Who would blame her if she went to church and tithed a bit extra because as far as she is concerned, God fought her battles for her. Now I am pretty sure Saumu Mbuvi has a running bet on just how long Bwana Anwar’s marriage will last.

Saumu Mbuvi back to trashing baby daddy on social media

And we all know the outlook is grim given the stories we have been hearing of the fact Aeedah Bambi is being battered black and blue -something that apparently played out publicly.

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