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Saumu Mbuvi: Incapability to remain single will make her a serial baby mama

March 04, 2021 at 10:44
Saumu Mbuvi: Incapability to remain single will make her a serial baby mama

Saumu Mbuvi recently had an interview with Radio Jambo’s Jappani Massawe and the main topic of conversation was her failed relationship with Anwar Loitiptip. This should be remembered to be the second time her relationship with a baby-daddy has gone belly up.

“Sijui kukaa single” Saumu Mbuvi opens up about baby daddy being a rebound

I listened keenly in on the interview and was surprised to hear her make a weighty admission in a rather flippant manner. Saumu Mbuvi admitted she doesn’t know how to remain single. In other words, she is a serial monogamist who is playing that game terribly.

Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi celebrated single motherhood on her IG account

You see, a while back, I declared I am of the opinion she really needs therapy and I was surprised to find out how right I was by the words from her own mouth. And while this was surprising -to you, to me it spoke of deep-seated problems.

Real self love: Saumu Mbuvi needs to get herself into therapy

You see, an admission such as that speaks volumes about her relationship with her father, former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi. Why do I say this? Because as with every other girl in the world, women tend to mould their relationships around their relationship with the first man they know, their father.

Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi should seek therapy

So for Saumu Mbuvi, this need to constantly be around men and in a relationship with them spells out a past of need for validation. She seems like a girl who was starved of male attention: her father’s attention. So Saumu Mbuvi replaces that with a constant stream of men and relationships whom she hopes will fill that void.

Saumu Mbuvi doesn’t understand what attracts and keeps men

And this issue has never been addressed. Adn this issue will always rear its ugly head. And this is why I am of the opinion that without working on herself, without actually going to a therapist who helps her learn introspection, she will doubtless end up a serial baby mama.

Saumu Mbuvi, Anwar Loitiptip

Saumu Mbuvi with dad, Mike Sonko (holding his granddaughter) and Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip

The idea of do not carry before you marry seems to be foreign to young Saumu Mbuvi simply because for men, sex comes before validation. And then when that happens, the issues she has ignored in those men aswell as her own issues become a real hurdle for them when they try to establish a relationship.

Single mothers unite: Saumu Mbuvi is perpetuating a dangerous myth

If Saumu Mbuvii were to actually begin to work on herself, she would be able to deal with her drive towards relationships. A drive that has seen her become the baby mama of two men who have declared they want nothing to do with her.

Saumu Mbuvi

Mike Sonko holding his granddaughter from daughter, Saumu Mbuvi and Anwar Loitiptip

And while there is nothing wrong with having multiple children by multiple men is a problem -said no one other than feminists praying to false gods, Saumu Mbuvi would do well to address her issues if not for her then for her children as statistics are not on her side as a single mother attempting to raise balanced children.

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