Saumu Mbuvi opens up about relationships, says she gave up finding true love

Saumu Mbuvi has been married twice now and still, love keeps escaping her. So far we all know that her baby daddies moved on with other people – but as for Saumu Mbuvi…soko ngumu.

The mother of two made this known recently during a QnA session where she had to choose between money and love; and of course Saumu Mbuvi settled for money saying love isn’t meant for her.

Mapenzi ilinikataa I go with money.

Well being Mike Sonko’s daughter means money for her isn’t a problem and just incase she runs into a man who can take care of her and the girls – of course this is an added plus.

Saumu Mbuvi repelling love

Having broken up with Lamu Senator boyfriend Anwar Loitiptip – Saumu has been keeping low profile on her love life; and if not her revealing she’s still single – we wouldn’t really have much information on her love life.

Again – for a woman in her position one would understand why most men fear getting involved with the former governor’s daughter.

Imagine this… you just another ordinary man, end up in an argument with the governor’s daughter then boom things escalate – and you end up in prison because you don’t enough resources to fight these people….weuh enyewe men learnt how to stay on their lanes – which explains why Saumu is single.

Anyway since we also don’t know much about her type expect rich and powerful – were hopeful that one day, Saumu will find her one true love.

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