Sauti Sol register big win as Davido says he listens to them alot

Image: Davido

Sauti Sol have been winning big but it is rather refreshing to see them receive their bouquet from continental juggernauts like Davido who recently released his latest album, Timeless which has broken Spotify streaming records in Nigeria.

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In one of the songs, Davido sings about feeling some type of way after listening to Sauti Sol. He is talking about how they put him in a romantic mood and that is quite the co-sign!

Sauti Sol

For anyone who doesn’t understand how marketing works, subliminal messaging like what Davido has done for Sauti Sol will open up new markets for them as Davido’s millions of fans who do not necessarily know Sauti Sol would be inclined to give them a listen and perhaps become new fans of the Kenyan boy band.

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Bien took to his social media page to thank Davido for the mention and to celebrate the very fact I just explained above. Hopefully, now we get to see Kenyan artists making headways into the Nigerian market.

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