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Savage! Azziad Nasenya mercilessly claps back at haters in style (Video)

July 23, 2020 at 14:24
Savage! Azziad Nasenya mercilessly claps back at haters in style (Video)

Azziad Nasenya is one individual we never saw coming, at least not as fast, and now that she’s here, the world is trying to figure a way out.

Yesterday, the dancer-cum-TV show host brought the Internet to a screeching halt after her ´exaggerated´ rate card charges went viral.

Exhibiting figures like 50k-100k for each of her posts on social media, that has left masses with mouths ajar, some questioning her quality, others thinking she is trying too hard but others, could only cheer her on!

Acclaimed dancer, Azziad Nasenya

Azziad has fortunately learnt to grow the thick skin over time and things like this do not bother her as much like when she was just starting.

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In fact, she has grown to make fun from some of these harsh comments and her most recent reaction is Gold!

Multi-talented actress, Azziad Nasenya

Up on Instagram, on a normal sunny day, the talented actress gazes into the sky with a bowl in hand and when asked, she responds:

Kuna kitu nangoja.


Nangoja kuona ka opinion za watu zinaeza jaa hii sahani nikule for lunch. Zinaeza lisha mtu?

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Ms Azziad Nasenya

Personally, when I heard that I could only burst out in laughter. So brutal, yet so honest and unwelcoming of people’s opinions who think she gets sleepless night because of their trolls.

Have a good listen and tell me:

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