Savage!! “Who gave you the permission to question me on National Television?” Khaligraph Jones blasts Antoneosoul during an interview

Image: Khaligraph Jones

If you are planning to question Khaligraph Jones about his career and skin tone then you better be ready to face his responses. So far we all know that the rapper is a savage and of course he has no chills…unfortunately the only person who can confirm this is Antoneosoul who was given the ‘shrrrrrrup’ vibe on National Television after posing a question to Khaligraph Jones.

This happened during an interview aired on K24 where Antoneosoul asked Khaligraph Jones who had given him the permission to brand himself as the King of rap yet we have oldskool rappers like Vigeti and many others who have been representing in the music industry. Antoneosoul is heard asking

Khaligraph I just wanna be real witchu for a second…uuuuumh I think some of the greatest rappers we have in this country from Vigeti and the people like kitusua who are echoed as the king of rap…my biggest issue with you is like who decided to put a crown on you and said Khaligraph is an OG, like Khaligraph is the king…what allows you to do stuff like that

After this question I can bet that Antoneosoul was not ready for Khaligraph Jones response as he hit him back with a more embarrassing question that has left fans and social media users wondering whether this is the beginning of a new fresh beef between the two of them. He responded by saying… (insert American accent)

You are asking me such questions? Who put you hear to ask me such questions on national television? Do you rap? Exactly stay on your lane

Checkout the interview below:

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