“Lightskin nigga you’re not scary,” Otile Brown’s ex side chick brutally claps back day after threatening her with lawsuit

Shakilla, Kenyan teen slayqueen is not in the business of taking threats lightly especially from the likes of Willy Paul or Otile Brown who she was previously entangled with.

The lass who is known for her blunt exposés decided to address the Otile and Willy Paul allegations by unearthing photos of her together with Pozze, to confirm he deceived her.

Willy Paul pours his heart out in 'Magnetic'
Controversial artist, Willy Paul

So now, Otile is next on line after coming out yesterday to issue a stern warning to his trolls who think they can aimlessly drag his name in mud just because he has been quiet about it.

…keep my name put of your stinking mouths dont mistake me with some artist Ima hit yall hard with a lawsuit, utalia. Will make sure my legal team try to find a way around it, been letting yall slide and now youre getting outa hand…

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Otile Brown claps back


Funny enough, instead of growing cold feet, a dear Shakilla clapped back. First, calling Otile a “lightskin diva nigga” clarifying she is not the least bit scared by his threats.

Before savagely bashing him for his zero mastery of the Queens language.

 …stop threatening me you aint even know how to speak fluently English in one sentence bet the whole thing someone wrote it for you.

Otile Brown’s clout chaser responds

Royal connections

Well, Kenyans had a feeling the upcoming socialite might have bigger muscles than these two artistes might think and probably why a 19-year old like her has the audacity to clap back like that.

Slay queen, Shakilla

No lie, it looks like she has marked her territories pretty well.

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Yesterday, she was spotted at a politicians office with a number of other individuals and friends, dining like a Queen.

These are the type of friends you need who will introduce you to people!

Joho entanglement?

Then, she claimed Hassan Joho has been chasing after her but she will bid her time until he is done with vlogger, Natalie Tewa.


Its a crazy world!

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