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Savage! Zari Hassan throws shade at ‘boring’ ex boyfriend

August 30, 2021 at 13:48
Savage! Zari Hassan throws shade at ‘boring’ ex boyfriend

For a minute there we almost we almost forgot Zari Hassan; and I bet this is because baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz has also been slowly fading away – thanks to lack of good music.

Zari Hassan and ex, Diamond Platnumz

Anyway this past weekend Zari Hassan looped is back into her life with a video shared on her IG stories; where she talked about a certain boring ex who was crowding her life.

According to Ms Zari, this ex who remains anonymous was one of those guys who like controlling women; in that he wanted to go as far as chose the friends she should hang out with.

Zari with another ex

My life my choices

Although Mama Tiffah doesn’t say much about this particular ex; for sure she paints him as an insecure man with controlling issues!

Exposing him through her gram, boss lady wrote;

Once dated a nigga who didn’t like my friends.

Zari throws shade at ex

Not quite sure Whether it was the alcohol speaking or pain of being controlled; Zari conclude the post by saying;

Lol see they bring out the weird side of me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣that you couldn’t smh

With this, I also can’t help but wonder how wild Zari is; cause definitely something about the alcohol she consumes brings out the young girl in her to play.


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