Say what you will but Diana Marua is a great wife

Diana Marua has for a long time been the butt of every joke meant to denigrate her husband. Why you ask? Because she was known to be quite the wild card in her youth.  She was essentially the IT girl for a gang of celebrities and some powerful men.

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As a result, whenever people wanted to take potshots at him, they do so through his wife. And the fact that she is older and more aware of the ways of the world are something that make for low-hanging fruit.

Diana Marua and Bahati- Photo credits- Google

Add to this the fact that he is clearly within his wife, Diana Marua’s, frame then you sort of understand why people are always ribbing them but I am here in her defence for once. No really, when someone does something worth celebrating, we have to truly celebrate it.

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And today we are here to discuss the fact that she is a great wife and spouse (same thing right?) to Bahati. We are going to start with the fact that she has put her ego, and her pride to the side and is actually taking care of Bahati’s daughter by Yvette Obura, young Mueni Bahati. That’s right, she has accepted her into her home and she is being raised as one of her own children.

Diana Marua

This is no mean feat and this alone makes her worthy of all the praise we can heap on her aswell as encouragement. Why? Because that means she is doing something that is truly rare. More often than not, step-mothers abuse their husband’s children by other women. This is a very well-documented phenomenon known as the “Cinderella Effect“.

Diana Marua needs to stop discussing her marriage to Bahati

To explain that briefly, it is essentially a theory in evolutionary psychology that captivated the tendency of step-parents to harm children that aren’t biologically their own.

Yvette Obura with daughter, Mueni Bahati

“Powerful evidence in support of the Cinderella effect comes from the finding that when abusive parents have both step and genetic children, they generally spare their genetic children. In such families, stepchildren were exclusively targeted 9 out of 10 times in one study and in 19 of 22 in another. In addition to displaying higher rates of negative behaviors (e.g., abuse) toward stepchildren, stepparents display fewer positive behaviors toward stepchildren than do the genetic parents. For example, on average, stepparents invest less in education, play with stepchildren less, take stepchildren to the doctor less, etc. This discrimination against stepchildren is unusual compared with abuse statistics involving the overall population given “the following additional facts: (1) when child abuse is detected, it is often found that all the children in the home have been victimized; and (2) stepchildren are almost always the eldest children in the home, whereas the general … tendency in families of uniform parentage is for the youngest to be most frequent victims.”

And Diana Marua is not one of those bad eggs. She is actually taking care of her stepdaughter like she is her own child. That takes sacrifice and going above our base humanity.

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Perhaps it could be argued that her tribal culture makes it more acceptable for her to do this as the children are her husbands and the man of the home can bring children from previous relationships or from outside their union for her to raise but we live in a time when modern women refuse to sacrifice themselves for anything and are immensely selfish. She is a great example of love.

Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura and wife, Diana Bahati

Diana Marua is sacrificing a bit of her human nature for the sake of ensuring not just her children but all her husband’s get the best possible childcare and she’s willing to personally offer it. That is a great wife!

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