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This is why Sean Kibaki’s ex girlfriend allegedly fought at Wizkid’s concert

August 03, 2017 at 13:53
This is why Sean Kibaki's ex girlfriend allegedly fought at Wizkid's concert

Elodie Zone parties like a rockstar and drinks like a fish judging from the photo making rounds on social media.

Elodie Zone

If you remember, she first made headlines (MAJOR) after being dumped by Kibaki’s grandson, Sean, through his social media giving fans and blogs a reason to talk.

However, their breakup did not affect them as they both seem to be on the same level of ‘cool kids of Nairobi’ and now word has it that the lovely YouTuber has a new man.

Elodie with her new man

Away from that, apparently Elodie Zone started a fight at Wizkid’s concert as reported by Mpasho. This was after an unknown girl cut the bathroom line angering Elodie who kicked her down the bathroom stairs.

Talking about the incident the lass opened up to say,

“We went for Wizkid and ended up in a fight with some girl in the bathroom coz she cut the line, after I kicked her down the bathroom stairs, some random girl pulled me into one of the stores and she is like there are some people outside taking pictures of you. I woke up the next morning about to pee on myself coz I was scared those videos would be seen.”

She however revealed that some cops came to her rescue before her manager got to where she was.

Anyway… I guess this how most of the girls behave at concerts but Elodie must feel lucky the girls sister and friends did not get there hands on her! Trust me it would have been ugly (judging from the stories I hear).


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