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Real self love: Saumu Mbuvi needs to get herself into therapy

February 17, 2021 at 09:29
Real self love: Saumu Mbuvi needs to get herself into therapy

Saumu Mbuvi is currently the gossip of the town after her relationship with Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip became the central focus of everyone on social media. This follows the revelation that he is now dating a slay queen who was her friend.

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From that point, it was revealed that their relationship was a dud and it ended but bot before she got a baby by the man and now he seems to want nothing to do with either him or their love-child. Actually, Saumu Mbuvi’s situation has gotten crazy as she went on to accuse him of being physically abusive and he claimed she was bi-polar.

Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi has revealed why she broke up with Anwar Loitiptip

The situation is so messy, it has played out on Tea Master Edgar Obare’s timeline and while we love seeing the drama, we need to understand that Saumu Mbuvi needs help. You see, out of three relationships that we knew about, two have ended up with her getting pregnant and all three, that is one hundred per cent have ended up with her claiming the men took advantage of her.

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Saumu Mbuvi is the greater common denominator but she is not taking accountability for her decision to date these men. And all three men were apparently scams. One is Ben Gatu, the father of her first father who was violent. The second, she ended up investing with at a Bar called Wakanda and the third is Loitiptip.

Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi with her ex Ben gatu

While there is rarely ever any justification for a man to get violent with a woman outside of self-defence, the fact that all her men have shared this common trait or the fact that the only one she did not accuse of being violent she ended up accusing him of being a scammer says a lot about her.

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I would argue that this all stems from some deep-rooted and seated daddy issues. She is chasing after her father’s love through the men and more importantly, the type of men that she has gotten with. Saumu Mbuvi is reeling from not dealing with her daddy issues and unfortunately, this will end up affecting her children adversely.

Saumu Mbuvi's ex Anwar Loitiptip

Saumu Mbuvi’s ex Anwar Loitiptip

It is time for her to look for a solution within herself and the only way alot of people can do this is through therapy. Let me reiterate that, Saumu needs therapy and the quicker she gets it the better. I do not know whether her bi-polarism is actually clinically diagnosed or not but what I do know is if it is, she should be on meds to deal with it. I do not, however, believe she has been diagnosed because she doesn’t show signs of being in therapy.

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And this brings us to the real definition of self-love. The same way a car needs maintenance, the same way you need to take care of a laptop or you need to service a Swiss watch is the same way we need to take care of ourselves. Whether that is by hitting the gym, getting appropriate healthcare or getting your mental health checked. Saumu needs to embrace this.

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