Sen. Crystal Asige, the nominee, hinted at a partnership with Samidoh

Nominated ODM Senator Crystal Asige has sparked interest in a potential musical collaboration with renowned Mugithi artist Samuel Muchoki, famously known as Samidoh.

Taking to her social media platform, Senator Asige engaged netizens, inviting their thoughts on the idea of teaming up with Samidoh for a musical project, accompanied by the hashtag #BlindingAllure.

“Netizens, what do you think music with ⁦@SamSamido⁩ and I would sound like? #BlindingAllure,” she posted on X.

While Samidoh is yet to respond to the proposal, fans are buzzing with excitement at the possibility of the talented Senator and the celebrated Mugithi artist joining forces for a musical endeavor.

One fan, identified as Edu Bazu Mukunga’s Son, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Amazing mhesh, would like to hear your sweet voices blended together.”

Senator Asige, known for her impactful activism and artistic ventures, recently unveiled her latest single and music video titled “Tattoo,” following the success of her acclaimed project, the “Blinding Allure mixtape,” released in November 2023.

“Tattoo” delves into the pain of life’s challenges, encouraging listeners to transform their vulnerabilities into artistic expressions that narrate their personal stories.

Describing the music video as a visual odyssey of embracing one’s scars and transcending associated pain, Senator Asige underscores her commitment to using art as a platform for social change and empowerment.

The release of “Tattoo” coincides with a significant moment in Kenya, as women lead a powerful campaign against gender-based violence.

Senator Asige has been a vocal advocate in this movement, rallying grassroots human rights defenders and spearheading initiatives to condemn femicide.

Beyond advocacy, she has actively championed legislative action in Parliament, sponsoring motions addressing the alarming increase in femicide cases and advocating for justice for victims.

Senator Asige’s musical journey includes a stint with Sauti Sol in 2019, although the collaboration ended after a brief period, leading to her departure from the label.

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