Senator Karen Nyamu gets Kenyans talking after thirst−trapping

Nominee senator Karen Nyamu has demonstrated her carefree nature by going on a weekend vacation in Naivasha.
She’s delighted her fans once more with a new video that she shared, in which she shakes her waist with infectious enthusiasm and grace.
Wearing a bright pink tracksuit, Karen is a happy person who dances merrily and shows off her amazing dancing abilities.
Karen was bopping along to “Pam Pam,” a hit song by Nigerian musician Ketchup.
Fans of Karen Nyamu have responded to the film with enthusiasm, excitedly sharing their thoughts.
Nyamu disclosed herself as a helpless victim of her circumstances during one of her live sessions, saying that she frequently feels misinterpreted and misquoted.

As a mother of three, she revealed that online users had erroneously branded her as a “infamous home wrecker” because they were unable to understand the nuances of her romantic life.
“In Kenya, I am the most misinterpreted lady. It’s not as though I want you to comprehend who I am. It’s alright. She remarked, “I really love that I’m so real—to God, to myself, and to everyone around me.
When it comes to online abuse, Karen Nyamu has grown resilient.

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