Serial divorcee Akothee celebrates “son in–law”

In France, where the pair presently resides, Akothee’s third-born daughter Fancy Makadia showed her boyfriend Fayrouz Vivian how much she cared by hosting an extravagant birthday celebration.
Fancy and Fayrouz dazzled in chic ensembles that complemented the opulent scene, making the celebration with a black and gold theme a visual show.
The already extravagant celebration was made much more glamorous by the birthday cake, which was filled with what appeared to be real money.
Family and friends celebrated together, keeping to the carefully thought-out black and gold motif.
Fancy shared her love for Fayrouz on social media after sharing the surprise.
She thanked him for being in her life in the caption, writing:

“Happy birthday to my baby ❤️ I love you so much @fayrouz_vivian I thank you for being in my life and I appreciate everything you do for me ❤️.”

In addition to being supportive of the festivities, Akothee and her family took an active part in them, referring to Fayrouz as “my son” and “in-law” in their birthday greetings.
“Happy birthday, my son.”
Vesha, the sister of Akothee, added her voice to the chorus of well-wishers and acknowledged Fayrouz as a vital member of the family.
In February 2023, Fancy Makadia earned her bachelor’s degree in tourism and hotel management.
Acknowledging her daughter’s academic success with pride, Akothee related her daughter’s path from finishing Form 6 at Braeburn to going to college in France.

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