Shaffie Weru clarifies on being fired from KISS 100

Shaffie Weru clears the air on whether Radio Africa fired him to take up Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe.

Just weeks ago, Kiss 100´s breakfast show presenter, Adelle Onyango exited the station while her co-host, Shaffie Weru was away in the US with his daughter.

Word making the rounds were that the two were allegedly fired from the station, after their unanticipated departure.

The two were replaced by former NRG´s presenters, Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe for the KISS 100´s breakfast show.

However, speaking exclusively to K24´s Betty Kyallo, Shaffie cited that this has been the longest he has been away from radio.

Reason being, he is on leave. A leave that was set to end the day after he was recording the episode with Betty.

He however assured fans that he would be back on radio in two weeks, to settle speculations that he had been fired.

If anybody lost their job today, it’s not something I would celebrate.

I just went for my daughter’s promotion in the United States.

It’s a lot of money alafu niland hapa nipate nimechujwa.

All I can tell haters, all I can tell the guys who think that I dint have a job is that ni sawa. Mbaki tu mkifikiria hivyo.

I posted something on IG the other day, I told them (fans) guys just chill.

This is the longest I have not been on radio because I have been on leave.

Actually, leave yangu inaisha leo. So moving forward in the next couple of days maximum two weeks, I’ll definitely be back on radio.

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