Shakahola’s Death Toll Rises to 242 As Search Continues

A woman’s body was found on Monday in a thicket of Shakahola forest during a police search and rescue operation. The body was found as police were continuing to excavate the forest for bodies of people who died in a religious cult.

The death toll from the cult has now risen to 242. Another victim was also rescued on Monday, bringing the total number of survivors to 93.

Detectives have also conducted an examination of 79 dead bodies within three days out of the 129 that were scheduled to take place.

Last week alone, five bones of people believed to be followers who died and their bodies were decomposed were found in the forest.

The autopsy is still ongoing and is expected to be completed on Wednesday this week so that the team can begin the third phase of the exhumation.

On Monday, detectives and pathologists who conduct the postmortem examination managed to carry out an examination of 34 bodies removed from Shakahola.

The police search and rescue operation is ongoing, and it is possible that more bodies will be found. The cause of death for many of the victims is still unknown, and the police are still investigating the circumstances of the cult’s activities.

The discovery of the woman’s body is a reminder of the tragic events that took place in Shakahola forest. The police are working to bring those responsible to justice, and the families of the victims are grieving their loss.

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