Shakib resigns himself to being humiliated by Zari

Following their recent foreign trip to the UK, a recording of Zari Hassan referring to her husband as clueless and lacking in confidence has made it to the man.

In the recording that was leaked and posted online on June 29, Zari claims that Shakib, her husband, behaved foolishly during their recent trip to the UK for her All-White Party.Zari expresses her shock at the man’s lack of self-assurance.

 ‘Unajua Shakbi ana panic, he is not very secure you enter the counter and they start asking questions, anapanic. Yeye mwenyewe hajiamini anakuanga na haya, anaanza kuogopa aargh,” even as she went on to call him ‘fala’.”

“Kwa ufala yake hapo hapo ndo nampendea”

Many claim that the promoter, who is upset that Zari did not show up for her event, is the source of the tape that was released.

The promoter is a Tanzanian woman named Lady Naaaaa who resides in the UK.

Shakib may have heard about this because he wrote in a cryptic message that “love will have you looking stupid.”

The couple’s reaction to the comment that was filmed on his Instagram stories will undoubtedly cause a stir.

And what was Shakib’s response?

“Love will have you looking stupid. But pride could have you miss out on something you’ll never find again!”

So yeah, he basically confirmed what we all know, he is merely Zari’s accessory.

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